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1 kg Söke flour mix
600 ml water (warm)
1 piece of fresh baker’s yeast (the yeast is put into 50ml water with one spoon of sugar and two spoons of flour and is left to ferment)

Leave a small amount of the flour and add a spoon of salt, yeast and water in the rest. Mix the dough well. Leave it covered in a warm room to leaven once. It is then mixed again and left to leaven, but this time ready for baking. After is leavened the second time, it is baked in 220 degrees Celsius in a preheated oven on an oil-covered baking tray.

Sprouts contain nutrients and belong to the richest foods for creating and regenerating of human cells. It has been proven that cereal grains in their initial growth stadium contain a lot more vitamins. Sprouts have an enormous effect on lowering cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system. They contain iron that helps improve anaemia.

There are nutrients in each slice of bread made from this flour.