Објавено на: 10.02.2016


Necessary ingredients:

·         1 cup of Elif red lentil
·         1 bulb of onion
·         1 carrot
·         2 spoons of cooking oil
·         1,2l water
·         1 tablespoon of flour
·         1 tablespoon of TAT tomato sauce


Put oil in a pan, add the onion and fry at low temperature. After the onion gains gold colour, add 1 spoon of flour, 1 spoon of tomato sauce and stir. Then add the red lentil, carrot and continue stirring, until they are slightly fried. Add the water and boil at low temperature until the carrot and lentil become tender. Add salt, mixed spices and black pepper, as desired. Finally, mix everything in a blender until it becomes creamy and compact. Serve with lemon, if desired.


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