Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Policy

1. Purpose

Ramstore Macedonia DOO serves with a work force that includes a variety of languages, religions and ethnic origins   in all of its branches in Macedonia. In this context the subjects of “Human Rights” and “Equal Opportunity” are among the main policies of our Ramstore Human Resources management approach. As Ramstore we respect human rights and we work proactively to identify and prevent any adverse human rights impacts that may be generated from our operations.

2. Equal Opportunity

Ramstore is devoted to the UN Human Rights Universal Declaration recognized on an international scale and the ILO labor standards and observes all relevant activities.

In all of our human resources processes from employment to wages there is no discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual preference, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, pregnancy or military service status.

Ramstore Integrated Human Resources Systems measure and monitor the abilities, skills and performance of our employees with general and objective criteria in the framework of the equality principle. As Ramstore, we provide equal training, promotion, career development and salary opportunities to all our employees based on objective evaluation results.

We support the participation of women in professional life and  the number of women employees and administrators in the company. We act in compliance with laws on the employment of disabled and disadvantaged individuals.

3.Collective Agreement and Unionization

Ramstore has respectful work environment to the rights of unionization of its employees.. We support the utilization of the Collective Agreement for private sector. We have implemented the requirements form this agreement regarding all kinds of compensation employees have right to, on different basis, as well as increasing of annual paid leave over the legal minimum in principal of one day extra for every three years seniority in Ramstore.

4.Forced Labor

We do not allow our employees to be forced to work against their will. None of our employees are ever pressured for any reason and all of our employees are employed under equal conditions, by their own free will in positions that are suitable to them.

5.Child Labor

Ramstore determines its employees according to relevant procedures and principles. The employment of child labor is never allowed at our stores, our headquarters and our regional directorships.

6.Prevention of Mistreatment and Abuse

We treat our employees with respect and honor and never allow any of our employees to be mistreated. We do not allow our employees to be exposed to any verbal and physical abuse.

7.Working Hours, Salaries and Benefits

We manage the total income package of employees based on job evaluation results and ensure that the remuneration package is competitive by distinguishing and rewarding performance as well as the remuneration packages being offered in other leading companies in Macedonia. We conduct our operations incompliance with the valid laws about salary, working hours, overtime and fringe benefits. We conduct the studies to reduce the overtime period of our employees and also support to maintain their work-life balance.

8.Work Health and Safety

Ramstore has implemented Work Health and Safety Management System for every working position. We provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment and comply with the safety and health laws and regulations in force and our company requirements. We constantly work to improve health and safety conditions in our workplace including identifying danger and finding solutions to health and safety problems.