Frequently asked questions

What kind of companies do we work with?

Wholesale of food and non-food items in restaurants and institutions, including universities, schools, restaurants, caterers, senior homes, …. all small and large companies.

What can I get from Ramstore?

Ramstore Wholesale offers around 5000 different products by 250 different manufacturers from all around the world. We also import items from Turkey and Ramstore is the only place where you can find specific quality products. If you are in the market for full service, Ramstore offers it to you. Ramstore offers a full line of goods, canned food, oils, dairy products, fresh meat, frozen meat, frozen goods, cheese, spices, sweet products, paper products, chemicals, textile, and much more. You can get more information about our products by visiting one of our markets.

How long does it take to make a new client code after filling out the new client application?

-Usually on the same day.

What is the minimum purchased amount in order to have the products delivered?

-The total amount of the order should be more than 600 € calculated in Macedonian denar.

What is your policy on returning of delivered items?

-Contact us.